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Co-funded by the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or messages.

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Questions or comments?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or messages.

Please note that we can reply only to requests in English!

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Welcome to equal pacE


equal pacE - a web tool based equal gender pay analysis for a competitive Europe


What is “equal pacE”?

The project "equal pacE" provides a web tool by which companies can voluntarily identify the causes of a potential gender pay gap. By using the equal pacE web tool, companies get valuable information not only on their pay structures, but also on other relevant issues of human resource management. The equal pacE web tool is available in five languages (English, Finnish, French, Polish and Dutch for its application in Flemish-Belgium and the Netherlands) and adjusted for the country-specific requirements.

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Polachek and Xiang (2015) investigate the correlation of women’s incentives for lifetime labour force participation with the gender pay gap across countries. The results show a positive relation of the gender pay gap with the fertility rate, the age gap between husband and wife at the first marriage and the top marginal tax rate.

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equal pacE web tool

The new equal pacE web tool is an interactive software application that can easily be used via this website. Users obtain an outcome report (as PDF file) that offers valuable gender-related information on the composition of their staff and their pay structure. Thus, the equal pacE web tool can detect the extent of a gender pay gap that may exist and its main drivers. Data security is guaranteed and use of the equal pacE web tool is free of charge.

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equal pacE web tool (version for Finland)
equal pacE web tool (version for France)
equal pacE web tool (version for Poland)
equal pacE web tool (version for the United Kingdom)
equal pacE web tool (version for Flemish-Belgium/Netherlands)

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Logib-D logo

Background: Logib-D

The foundations of equal pacE stem from the German Logib-D project. Logib-D stands for “pay equality in companies – Germany” and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Companies are offered an easy-to-use web tool for analysing their pay and personnel structures regarding gender pay inequalities. In addition, a Logib-D-based consulting package for 200 companies was provided by the ministry free of charge. Please see our testimonials above to learn about the benefits of using this web tool.

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Train-the-trainer workshops successfully completed

equal pacE offered train-the-trainer workshops for social partners, multipliers and public authorities in five European countries to accompany the implementation of the equal pacE web tool. The goal was to provide participants with strategies and tools to support their member institutions and the public in attracting and retaining top talent irrespective of gender, and thus contribute to a reduction of the gender pay gap. One focus was on the equal pacE web tool which had been introduced and its usage practiced. The workshops were free of charge.

We are pleased to announce that the train-the-trainer-workshops have successfully been carried out in the following countries:

  • Finland, Helsinki, 03 September 2015 (Read more)
  • Poland, Warsaw, 07 September 2015 (Read more)
  • France, Paris, 09 November 2015 (Read more)
  • United Kingdom, London, 18 November 2015 (Read more)
  • Flemish-Belgium/the Netherlands, Brussels, 01 December 2015 (Read more)